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Weston Town, was named by A.J. Weston, a British railway engineer, it was also the end station of the North Borneo Railway. The town has arrow of shops, jetty point and school which had remarkable 100-years of history that made with wooden wood. Weston is southwest of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah that can be reached within 2 hours car ride!
Weston is treasured with a wide variety of wildlife, such as Borneo Proboscis Monkeys, Silver Leaf Monkeys, birds, snakes, and many more. It also has a variety of aqua-marines, such as the mudskipper fish, otters, crocodiles and river shrimp.
Borneo Proboscis Monkey in Weston is densely populated yet is protected animal; tourists can enjoy watching the monkeys on top the Mangrove Trees closely with the river cruise boat. Along the riverside, tourists could view the local fishermen "River Man" lifestyle, and could buy the river shrimps that caught freshly. The meats of river shrimps are very fresh and delicious!Before dinner, tourists will enjoy watching the spectacular view of the “Reddish Fire Sunset”. After the sunset, hundreds of the Egret, white birds will fly all the way to a Mangrove Tree which is astonishing view!After dinner, tourists whom are photogenic could take the fireflies photo at the only distinguish special spot in the Weston Jaafar River Lodge! After that, tourists could enjoy the night river cruise with thousands of fireflies flashing along Mangrove Trees of Weston. There is a unique show that the river guides will perform “Whispering with Fireflies” which will give all the tourists the unforgettable memories.

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