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TAGAL Tinopikon Park, located at Kg. Notoruss Penampang. 40minutes from KK city passing through Donggongon town toward Tambunan road. Kg. Notoruss stand with total land area of 15,000 sq meters, Tinopikon Park is part of Moyog river and one of the successful TAGAL by Malaysia Department of Fisheries eco system.
Due to over-fishing, a river teeming with fish is really rare in Malaysia. The secret word for this success is "TAGAL" it means "prohibition" in the kadazandusun language. Moyog River along the village is managed by the park community and fishing activity is extremely prohibited. You will be fined if you are caught fishing in a Tagal area.
TAGAL Tinopikon Park bring you to experience nature authentic village life with friendly Kadazan Dusun host, sound of Moyog river bring peace in mind and soul, friendly Pelian fishes also known as the Gem of the river welcoming, however fishes will take their day off when river is muddy. Tour around village houses that are not surrounded by fences but local fruits plants and poultry, jungle trekking shower with ionize, waterfall with refreshing spring water, open kitchen cooking by park mothers with firewood to spark the flame for bringing nice aroma, traditional dance performance by grandma and occasionally with their grand children while you enjoy your "kampung meal".
Moyog River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Sabah. Despite the warm weather, it felt rather relaxing and soothing taking a break as the trees shade you from the sun and rhythm of the nature further compliments the experience.

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